Woodland Pulp LLC


     The Woodland Pulp LLC mill is situated in The St. Croix River Valley in Eastern Maine, USA.  The mill is adjacent to the St. Croix River which forms a natural boundary with the Province of New Brunswick, Canada. Our mill is also about 40 miles northwest of the deep water Port of Eastport, Maine which handles nearly all of the mill's production destined for the export market.
The Woodland Pulp mill has state of the art air pollution control equipment on all stationary sources at our mill.  These processes are monitored continuously to ensure compliance with our operating license conditions.
 Numerous wastewater tests are conducted daily, 7 days a week by experienced technicians.  The tests are conducted in the mill's lab.  Our lab has passed the rigouous certification standards established by the State Of Maine.
     We have made significant capitol investments in environmental controls for air, wastewater and solid waste compliance.  We invested $35 million to comply with the US EPA Cluster Rule.  Other annual investments in minimizing our mill's environmental footprint continue to be made.
Our mill has a strong history of Environmental Stewardship and continues to work collaboratively with the Maine Department of Environmental Protection.
     If anyone would like further information please contact our Communications and Environmental Manager via Email Scott Beal   or call 207-427-4004
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