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The Woodland mill is located on the international border between Maine and New Brunswick, Canada. The Woodland Mill produces St Croix Hardwood, utilizing a Kamyr continuous digester and ECF 5 – stage bleaching system. The mill is 100% energy self-sufficient.


Woodland St Croix Hardwood is a premium Northern ECF bleached Kraft pulp manufactured using hardwood chips from Maine and New Brunswick, Canada. The primary wood species are maple, birch, beech and aspen.

Woodland St Croix Hardwood combines the fine features of maple with the strength of birch to produce an excellent paper making material. The pulp has excellent optical and surface properties for the production of high-end paper grades. It exhibits good cleanliness, uniform high maple content. Its ease of refining make it ideal for use in low horsepower refiners.

Woodland St Croix Hardwood is excellent for coated paper grades, machine glazed, carbonless, as well as bond and copy paper. It is the preferred pulp for coated papers with a closed or smooth printing surface. The high maple content is also suitable for soft tissue applications. Our pulp is sold to paper makers all over the world.


At Woodland, we recognize the importance of responsibility managing and protecting the forest, ensuring environmental sustainability for generations to come.

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