The Woodland Mill utilizes state-of-the-art pollution control technology, such as continuous emission monitors, wet scrubbers, electrostatic precipitators, Stamford baffle equipped clarifiers, facultative lagoon, and a secure landfill. Woodland’s hydro system and water treatment plant utilizes the international waters of the St. Croix River. Dams and Dikes provide water enhancement for fisheries, recreation, drought, flood control, and renewable power generation. The mill maintains a professional staff and experienced technicians to maintain equipment, perform quality control, conduct daily sampling, calibrations, and conduct analyses in our certified laboratory. The Woodland Mill environmental program is ISO 14001 certified.



The Woodland Pulp environmental department has prepared materials to educate the community about a variety of topics.

This document is about the operation of a pH probe.

Manual pH Measurement

This document details information about Mercury. The pamphlet details how dangerous mercury can be to the environment and gives examples of mercury-containing items.

Mercury Pollution Prevention Pollution

This document details information about the hydroelectric sources for the mill.

System Operations on the West Branch of the St. Croix River


This pamphlet details information about the Ground Water resources and how Woodland Pulp protects these resources.

Ground Water

This document talks about the discharge process of wastewater from the mill.

Waste Water Treatment System


For the latest Woodland Pulp LLC Hydro system water levels and flow conditions, please call (207)427-4105.