Woodland Pulp LLC’s strategic direction is to be globally competitive, providing high quality pulp to the marketplace. We will continue to build relationships with our customers through the understanding of their needs, ensuring that we meet their requirements, expectations, and long-term success. We will utilize the Quality Management Process to provide continuous improvement in quality, environmental stewardship, and sustainability through evaluation of our processes and collaboration with our supply chain partners.

We recognize that our long-term success as a business is founded in the need for all our employees to support this policy in a responsible manner.

The Woodland Mill's Quality Management System is ISO 9001 Certified.


Woodland St. Croix Hardwood combines the fine features of maple with the strength and bulk of birch to produce an excellent paper-making material. The high bright pulp has excellent optical performance for reducing or eliminating the need for optical brightening chemicals.  The uniform formation and smooth surface properties provide best printability for the production of high-end paper and packaging grades. It exhibits good cleanliness, uniform high maple content. Its ease-of refining make it ideal for use in low horsepower refiners.

Woodland St. Croix Hardwood is also excellent for soft bath and facial tissue grades, with much lower dusting or linting than eucalyptus pulp. The birch component of the mixed hardwood enhances bulk and strength of the soft maple fibers for superior towel performance.

Woodland St Croix Softwood is predominantly spruce and fir from the local northeast USA wood basket.  This fiber is world renowned for its superior strength and refine ability.  The low coarseness fiber is most desirable for smooth paper grades and soft tissue grades while providing superior tear and tensile strength.  St Croix prime softwood comes as a fully bleached 87 min bright with very low dirt below 2.0 ppm Tappi testing.

Specifications and Packaging

We proudly offer our Prime pulp grade in wrapped bales in the following configurations:

  • 2x1 wired bales (domestic)
  • 2x2 wired bales and unitized (export)
  • 2x2 re-pulpable paper-strap available.


We are pleased to be a multi-modal global shipper that can meet your shipping needs to anywhere in the world via the mode of your choice.  We routinely ship by truck and rail to Domestic US customers as well as Canadian and Mexican Customers. We also ship to Europe, the Middle East, Asia and South America via bulk or containerized cargo ships.

We look forward to earning your business and helping your business succeed.  Please reach out to us for more information.